The Meaning behind the Pendants

Audiobooks are the most intangible product! In the old days there were cassettes and CDs, but now? They are a digital download away from your ear buds!

Technology makes them easy to access, but I want you to have something in your hand that reminds you of the joy of listening. That is why I got busy with plastic resin and glitter, and gold foil, and every kind of material available.

Each Audiobook that I produce has a symbol, icon, or object that conjures up the theme, character or plot of the story.

Here is a list of the books, and the meaning behind the Pendants! Stay tuned! More are being added all the time!

The Colour Fairies Series by Maggie Jeffrey

Who doesn’t love Fairy Sparkles? I have stored up glitter for years! Ever since the first Fairy Pendants went off to England, I have gathered tiny objects, like toadstools, spools of thread, and shells (for the Mermaids) to include with the sparkles.

The Wisdom of the Egyptians by Brian Brown

This pendant has the Eye of Horus, recognised as one of the symbols of wisdom in Ancient Egypt. In the Middle Kingdom, these eyes were drawn on sarcophagi so the person could see their way into the next world.

The Battered Orphan by Molly Britton

Elizabeth runs away from her master and finds work at an upper class home. I smashed a china plate to symbolise the way she was treated and the hopes she had of acceptance and love in a refined family.

The Orphan’s Distress by Molly Britton

Ella loses her sister Mary when they are indentured to different masters. She never loses hope of finding her, though the man of her dreams does test her faith in people returning. I have two sisters, for whom I feel the dearest connection!

The Complete Book of Cats by Adie Suehsdorf and Walter Chandoha

This wonderful “how to” book about the history, breeds, personalities and daily care of cats is presently “headed for retail” which is Audible speak for “being processed”. The Cat’s eyes are what has held our imaginations since the dawn of time. I have two, a tabby and a black whose mother was a “British Blue”.

A Long Lost Fantasy by Ella Rose Carlos

At the very beginning of this marvelous story, Fawn kills a bear. When he learns the significance of that animal, he gives it an honourable burial and wears one of its claws around his neck. He wants to remember how far from grace he can fall, and how near Grace comes even then.

I created these bears claws from Sculpey and then encased them in resin. This will be a limited edition since they were a lot of work. A labour of love!

Watch this space for more …

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