Interview with Karitas Hrundar Palsdottir

author of easy read books for Icelandic Language students

Karitas Hrundar Palsdottir, author and creative writing PhD student

I met Karitas at the FiGT (Families in Global Transition) conference in March 2022. She is studying in the UK and connected for our interview from her beloved Iceland. Her presentation to the conference closely linked to mine (fiction that grows a reader’s experience) and we spent much time together in the very cool “Kumospace” lounge and bookshop that the organizers had created for us.

In this interview, you will hear about her studies and writing, and her personal journey as a third culture kid, global nomad, and Icelandic culture creator and promoter. You can find her on Instagram @arstidir_sogur and Facebook @Árstíðir & Dagatal – sögur á einföldu máli

I am so happy I went to the conference. Karitas is an inspiration and we at MicAndPen wish her all the best. We look forward to visiting with her again in the future!

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