The Long Lost Fantasy

A Legendary Kingdom and its Lost King, a Mighty Man running from Death ...

Fawn is a teenage boy warrior for the reclusive Pearl Tribe living in the secluded swamplands. While hunting in the forest, Fawn discovers an infamous being of lore, a rainmaker named Vixie, and a tragic turn of events ensues.

In the dark of the night, soldiers of the Pearl Tribe go missing. Burdened with loss and guilt, it becomes Fawn's mission to find the kidnapped boys

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About the Book
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Spiritual Fiction
Tags: Adventure, Christian, Enchanted Forest, Fantasy, Friendship, Legends, Rain, Recommended Books, Romance, True Love, Weddings
Publisher: Shy Dixie Studios
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Audiobook
Length: 6hr 52 min
Narrator: N. MacCameron
ISBN: 9780692146255

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