The Pen

My sister relates that I told stories to amuse her when we were growing up. She is a super smart person! She was reading and counting before she was 5 years old

My schooling began with six months of phonetics and tracing in South Africa at the age of six and a half. Then I had three months of grade one in Canada at one school before moving to another school for grade two.

I learned to read in grade four, and I never really learned what to do with numbers. I beat out my mum, though! She learned to read by reading bedtime stories to her children.

So I’m not surprised that I made up stories. Literature begins in the mind and does not need an alphabet to exist. Perhaps my not reading gave me a strange creative advantage? I certainly don’t follow rules or look to others for inspiration! I developed trust for my muse from the earliest times.

My Manuscript

Leoshine began with a dream. A man rode helter skelter through sparse forest, down a gully and back up, surrounded by other riders. He was happy, celebrating something.

I created a story for him. I answered why he was happy. The rest is in the book!

I wrote Hagovi’s Bridge from a story I remember telling my sister. A girl finds junk at the edge of the world. A mysterious man pretends to know what it on the other side. The final version did not turn out like the draft, which reflects my growth as a writer. Even if I don’t follow rules, I am able to take advice and training!

I have tons of undeveloped story ideas! Two have at least a start, Paris or Bust and Algae Writers have plot and opening chapters. Then there are The Pink Hand, John Murphys, I Strain, Face Plant, and some that don’t even have titles! Everywhere I turn around new characters pop up, new plots unfold before my eyes. Yes, every time I’m in public I speculate about peoples lives. Are you one of my subjects?