The Pen

I’m not surprised that I made up my own stories to amuse my siblings. Literature begins in the mind and does not need an alphabet to exist.

My schooling began with six months of phonetics and tracing in South Africa at the age of six and a half. Then I had three months of grade one in Canada at one school before moving to another school for grade two. Finally, in grade four I decoded the symbols of reading other peoples stories.

Perhaps my not reading gave me a creative advantage? I developed trust for my muse from the earliest times.

Ella Rose Carlos’s rendition of Leoshine

Leoshine began with a dream. A man rode helter skelter through sparse forest, down a gully and back up, surrounded by other riders. He was happy, celebrating something.

I created a story for him. I answered why he was happy. The rest is in the book!

In June 2020 I asked my writer friends if they could recommend an editor for my completed manuscript. Katie Gerke asked her writer friends, who recommended Colleen McCubbin.

During the most violent thunderstorm in recent history, Colleen listened to me describe Leoshine, Princess Oracle. When I asked if she would like to edit for me, she paused. My heart sank. Then she said, “I can find an editor for you. I would like to publish your book.”

You could have knocked me down with a feather.

In August 2020 I signed up for the Nest Builder Publisher Program with Colleen’s brainchild Siretona Creative . I receive coaching and mentoring from my nest-mates, and editing from Marcia Lee Laycock . Stay tuned for updates in our publishing journey!

Cover by my Wattpad Friend

Hagovi’s Bridge is one of the stories I remember telling my sister. A girl finds junk at the edge of time and space. A mysterious man pretends to know what is on the other side of the Barrier. Now Hagovi is the main feature at our Subscribers Only Page! Every few months I add new chapters of her audiobook for you to enjoy.

The John Murphys

Between January and June 2020 I participated in a writing challenge that produced the robot romance, The John Murphys. Adventurous, adversarial Catherine Guinty prefers humans. Reclusive John Murphy has droid that goes into public for him. The Droid wants to know what love is. Can love triumph in a circuit world?

I have tons of undeveloped story ideas! Two have at least a start, Paris or Bust, and Algae Writers have plot and opening chapters. Then there are The Pink Hand, I Strain, Face Plant, and some that don’t even have titles!

Everywhere I turn around new characters pop up, new plots unfold before my eyes. Stories are as organic as breathing to me.