Currently working on:

Leoshine, Princess Oracle Book One of the Leoshine Series.

Due to be released: June 2022

I am working with Owen Francis to provide the male voices for Leoshine. This will slow production, but the result will be worth the wait!

Besides that, the phone company is installing fibre optic cable in my neighbourhood. The machines are noisy! Arg! I can only record at night and on weekends.

I can edit during the day.

I gave a talk at the Okotoks Library on How an Audiobook is Made. Fifteen people came in person and a large number came via Facebook and Zoom. There is definitely interest among readers and listeners in audiobooks!

On November 1st 2018 I bought a microphone, interface, pop screen and earphones. The walk-in closet in our master bedroom had already been volunteered as home base for operations. The clothes make excellent buffer material.

I took Krysal Wascher’s course and bought her book on Audiobook narration for ACX. I listened to ACX university videos on mastering and marketing.

I still have the screen shot of the first time I passed the ACX qualifications. Jumping through the hoops to riddle the numbers into position stretched and propelled me toward that golden message of approval:

Bliss with statistics

Special thanks goes to Ella Rose Carlos. I had fallen in love with her profound story of love and war, A Long Lost Fantasy, on Wattpad. She graciously allowed me to begin my narrating career with her creation, and encouraged me by loving every chapter I sent to her. In six weeks I had recorded my first book!

In January 2019 I began auditioning on ACX. On the very same day Maggie Jeffrey and Kaya Quincey hired me! Sunshine Rodgers, Molly Britten and the folks at Majestic Publishing kept me busy all year! November saw the beginning of the Dove Strong Series by Erin Lorence, which lasted until March 2020. Cindy M. Amos hired me to narrate two of her sweet and timely romances.

I feel deep gratitude for each and every author who hires me to narrate their precious story. If you would like your book narrated, please contact me at Contact@MicAndPen. I will pour my heart into your creation.

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