January 2020

More than half

“The Myxolidian Mercy Plea Protocol begins with the Rachnorgat’s (Mercy Slave) name. “I, Leoshine, daughter of Curtstas the Mayor of Myxolidia …” and ends with starvation, beatings, and death by exposure.

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A Shout out to the Crew

Most of all, you, my listeners who buy the books I narrate, who lose yourself in the creative genius of the authors, who tell others about the worlds you have lived in through your earbuds, for you and to you I live in gratitude!

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New Year’s Virtue

What virtue are we going to highlight for 2020? How are we going to be, I mean really BE; accentuate the Being part of our species nomenclature instead of trying to be Human Doings?

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