The John Murphys

The premise is that a woman who is embittered with modern life and especially trying to find a romantic lead responds to the profile of a disabled man. He has an android that looks exactly like him, hence the Two John Murphys. The Droid asks the bitter woman to teach him about love.

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One of the first things I did, right at the beginning of my audiobook adventure, was to make plastic resin fairy pendants. They were a big hit! A load went to England, to Maggie Jeffrey who sold them at the Ely County Fair in April.

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Orphan Books

Ella and Mary are sisters separated by a cruel orphanage matron, and by at least an octave in register! Ella’s love, Seth had to be a heart throb, not too deep in tone, but confident and tender. A shoe maker’s son he runs away to the sea, and Ella despairs when her last remaining love disappears from her life.

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