I’ve been having a wonderful creative time in preparation for a craft fair. My friend invited me to share her table at the Holy Spirit CWL Christmas market on November 16th.

She does photography – an easy sell because her photos are beautiful and poignant.

I do audiobooks – utterly intangible. The challenge is to sell a digital product to craft market browsers.

One of the first things I did, right at the beginning of my audiobook adventure, was to make plastic resin fairy pendants. They were a big hit! A load went to England, to Maggie Jeffrey who sold them at the Ely County Fair in April.

Now that I have narrated 23 books, I have invented pendants for The Orphan books, The Wisdom of the Egyptians, Paris Mends Broken Hearts and the soon to be released Complete Book of Cats.

These pendants are available to my Patreon subscribers, and to craft market browsers!

See you at the Fair!

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