Orphan Books

Molly Britten sets both her Dickensian Romances, The Battered Orphan https://adbl.co/2kqfuS4 and The Orphan’s Distress https://adbl.co/2lYNV2X, in Victorian London.

I created a lower class voice for Elizabeth, the star of The Battered Orphan, and an upper crust voice for her love, Simon. Switching back and forth was as challenging as breaking class barriers and living happily ever after!

For the Orphan’s Distress, Ella and Mary are sisters separated by a cruel orphanage matron, and by at least an octave in register! Ella’s love, Seth had to be a heart throb, not too deep in tone, but confident and tender. A shoe maker’s son he runs away to the sea, and Ella despairs when her last remaining love disappears from her life.

I hope you enjoy these two well written, heart warming stories!

The Battered Orphan by Molly Britten Narrated by N. MacCameron
The Orphan’s Distress by Molly Britten Narrated by N. MacCameron

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