Saving Bicycle Man

Romance on the Wheel.

Nurse Cami Walsh meets an interesting man the hard way when she sideswipes cyclist Holt Ellis on his way down Lookout Mountain. Holt survives the collision with shredded hopes of improving his dire state of unemployment, but Cami’s tender touch revives the man he longs to be. Cami’s son Mitch insists on substituting for Bicycle Man, a local hero who’s mysteriously gone missing, but she questions how Holt happens to know the delivery route for food distribution to the area’s homeless. When a once-in-a-lifetime job opening emerges for Holt, Cami slips a newspaper clipping into his resume package that links his marketing genius to his anonymous community service. With her dark paternity secret finally disclosed for justice, Cami finds herself plunged into a battle to regain Mitch after he’s abducted by his birth father.Will saving Bicycle Man be enough of a back-up plan to restore her little family? Only a bridge of community support can break the threat of the brooding mountains that hem her in—and only love can conquer fear.

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