Rapid Fire Releases

Audiobooks for Saving Bicycle Man by Cindy M. Amos and the Colour Fairies Series Books 23-25 have arrived for you to purchase!

There was a huge backlog of titles from the “manufacturer” behind Audible that now seems to be clearing. I must say, I am relieved.

Saving Bicycle Man is a sweet, clean romance about a man who knows how to do good for everybody but himself. He reaches the end of the road, where he meets a nurse. She puts him back together and shows tremendous strength dealing with her own troubles.

I have enjoyed collaborating with Cindy M. Amos. She gave me clear direction and specific encouragement! One of the best parts of being a narrator is making new friends with the authors!

Maggie Jeffrey author of the Colour Fairies Series has grown into a loving acquaintance as well. With each new release we have a Skype call so she can read her story to me. This way I learn how she would like the voices and pronunciation of characters names. We chat about what is happening around us and the distance from England to the Canadian Prairies shrinks each time.

If you would like a code for a free audiobook, and are willing to leave an honest review when you have listened to it, please contact me here. I am eager to share.

Go to the Book Table, let me know which book you choose and where I can send the code, and you are off and running!

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