Interview with Sam Hopper

Samantha Hopper gave herself the best possible birthday present. She published the first book Links of the Two Worlds of the Rise of the Royals Series yesterday amid balloons and cake and joyful singing of her family.

I had the pleasure of ARC reading this fabulous story by this bright and shining young author, and I am excited to share some of her experience with you.

Here is the premise for The Rise of the Royals series: Lindsay is a two-inch-tall, fourteen-year-old girl who lived a normal life with her tribe until Nathen came along. When an Upperlander shrinks, will she be able to put things back to normal? Join Lindsay and Nathen in “Rise of the Royals: Book One” as they discover this magic that has come upon them.

Nicola: I am small in stature, so I really sympathise with Lindsay! Sam, did you ever feel too small for a situation?

Sam: Absolutely! Back when I first started Links of the Two Worlds, I was just writing the story that was on my mind. I never could have dreamed that it would one day be published, and when I did start considering the possibility (many months after I started the book), I never thought anyone would read a story written by someone so young and insignificant. God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams, and for that, I am forever thankful.

Nicola: You write the two extremes of stature naturally and realistically, Did you ever feel too big?  

Sam: I can’t think of any time when I felt too big for something. Honestly, I’ll always be growing. In my writing and in my relationship with Christ. But even as I continue to grow, I can’t possibly imagine myself being too big for anything. 

Nicola: What a humble way to think and be! You’ll go a long way with that attitude! Speaking of going places, what places do you like to visit/find most inspiring for your writing?

Sam: I’ve heard of authors who have their little writing space where they sit down and just pour their heart into the stories, but I’ve never had a specific area. I write whenever I can, wherever I can. I do, however, find that I come up with 90% of my story ideas in the passenger seat of the car (I know, pretty odd, right?). 

Nicola: Not at all! I’ve written vast amounts in the passenger seat of a car. I can’t think of a better way to spend a long journey than gazing at the ever-changing scenery wondering, “What if…?” How far does the Rise of the Royals series go, up to today and in your wildest dreams?

Sam: I have big plans for the Rise of the Royals pentalogy. I’m already working on book two as I plot the rest of the books. I’m never short of ideas or motivation to continue this series, as I believe God gave me the creativity to write these stories for a reason. If everything goes as planned, all five books should be released and in the hands of readers before the end of 2022. 

Nicola: Readers will be eager for the rest of the adventure when they read Book 1! How wonderful that you are overflowing with ideas and motivation! You inspire me, as I think you will inspire many to hope and believe in the biggest God possible!

Catch Sam at her website, Goodreads and Instgram accounts. I see she also loves horses!

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