Justice for all

My sister created this from the broken chains our mother left behind.

What is Justice? Is it different from Social Justice?

I recently listened to a lecture propounding that Social Justice is about equality and partiality, and that this is different from Justice, which is about bringing dignity and worth. Equality does not always bring dignity.

I agree. However, when the lecturer commanded us to stop being partial, I had to slip off his band wagon.

We humans are partial and we’ll never stop it no matter how much we are commanded. That’s the whole point of the existence of the law. We can never obey it. Jesus made a way anyway.

But WHILE we are being partial, we can be aware of our biases and ameliorate them.

We can step off sidewalks and tip our hats in respect of our differences.

 Matt Canlis speaks of differentiation, and I think that is a better word than partiality. We are different. Stop trying to make us the same. Celebrate the variety!

Give dignity and worth to every human.

  1. Colleen

    “We can step off sidewalks and tip our hats in respect of our differences.” Indeed!

    I think you would enjoy the writings of James M. Houston.

    • admin

      Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll look him up.

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