How do you like my logo? The microphone sits inside the pen, because, most times, the pen is the beginning of the process. We write stories and then we narrate them.

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Writing is the way we pass the stories on, but it is interesting how stories are returning to the spoken word where they originated. We have looped back to fireside days, to huddling in caves on rainy days and listening to grandmother relate her childhood while we shell peas. Memoirs are extremely popular and welcome in the literary world!

Or perhaps it was the priest telling us of otherworldly experiences, or returned hunters describing their narrow escape from the lion who is just as hungry as we are! Or the matchmaker of our tribe enticing us to consider the latest lovers she has joined and how it’s our turn next!

Fantasy, adventure, romance, fill our ears and hearts as living books!

Oh, and then there’s our mother stirring the pot over the fire, telling us that this combination of herbs is particularly toothsome. Or Mother’s oldest brother telling us how to strip sinews, little knowing they have unmatched stored tensile strength.

Non fiction books and cookbooks educate us while we experience their subject matter, when we listen to them in the process of creation.

The power of the spoken word enters our hearts differently from the written word and we need both. We are blessed to live in a time when both are widely available and accessible.

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