I have so many people I talk to, mostly in my head. They send me emails and I reply to them, in my head.

This is because I try to limit my screen time. Four to six hours on the computer is plenty, but doesn’t leave time for all the emails and tweets I’d love to send.

So, to the lovely ones who are struggling with pain, I’d like to say, I get it. Chronic pain drains creativity like nothing else. Do everything you can to unburden yourself on the physical side, and then set your mind like flint to glean the gold that suffering always leaves behind.

To the dear ones whose writing is shocking them, is revealing things about them that they are afraid to admit, I say, write it all out, every ugly facet, every passionate impulse. Just because you write it, doesn’t mean you make it public, but it has to come out of you. You won’t write something you feel you can share until you see the shocking from your inner mind and heart.

On this subject I’ll also say, what you find shocking may not be so bad once you see it on paper. Don’t let guilt or inhibition rob you of emotional glory. Take the honest risk and if possible, share with a safe, trusted mentor.

To those with unruly grandchildren, or cousins, or animals, I say, get down on the floor and show them what unruly really looks like! You have it in you to frighten them into alignment! Scream louder! Roll further! Laugh more uproariously! They will sit up and pay attention and follow you into upstanding citizenship!

There. Did you find yourself in this list? Did you receive the message I’ve been composing for you in my head? Know that you are constantly on my mind and I care about what happens to you!

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