The Creation Project by Sunshine Rodgers

The Creation Project by Sunshine Rodgers
This is an emotional rendition from God’s perspective.

To narrate this best seller, I had to come up with three different voices for God! They had to be distinct, yet have resemblances.

So I took a walk and asked every stranger I met what they thought God sounded like. Some looked around for the psych wardens. Some looked blank, like they have no concept of God. Some laughed and admitted that was a hard question.

Those who answered, thought about authoritarian, or powerful, or commanding, but God is so much more in this story. He is Father Who Loves, Spirit who sees what is coming, and Son who sees and is ready.

Anger is part of the manuscript, and fear. Sorrow and devastation are key factors. Joy busts forth. Yes, I had to feel all these things and my heart got a work out, no doubt about it! Emotions are a vital part of narration.

I hope you enjoy this stirring story by Sunshine Rodgers and look her up on her site. She is a prolific and talented writer!

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  1. Sunshine Rodgers

    Thanks Nicola! You did an amazing job with this audio book!!! I appreciate all your hard work! đŸ˜€

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