I learned yesterday that a book I had worked 70-80 hours to produce in audio was uploaded to ACX by a notorious scammer who did not own the rights to that book.

I contacted the actual rights holder and boy is he ticked! The worst part is, the intellectual property rights department won’t talk to him. They freely put up a book without checking who owned it, but won’t speak to the person who actually owns it.

I’m angry too. Writers have enough trouble in the world of piracy. We don’t need a world wide organisation aiding and abetting the criminals who steal intellectual property.

Narrators beware! Check out the rights holder before you audition, and again when the offer comes in. I did this book at the beginning of this year when the scam thing was new. Now I am extremely wary.

Authors, I urge you to put your book into audio. You have a better chance of preventing someone scooping it up. Scammers look for old books and hope the author isn’t paying attention.

Readers/Listeners, support the creators of the stories you love. Contact them personally and leave reviews. Support them on Patreon and spread the word in your community of what these fabulous people have achieved!

Lesson learned.

And about that book, The Five Minute Relationship Repair by Dr. Susan Campbell Phd and John Grey Phd. It is a fabulous book. It will help you with all your relationships, especially during these unsettling times. I was really excited to read it and am very sad others won’t benefit, yet. I have urged the authors to get it into audio ASAP! Meanwhile, get an e-copy by clicking on the title above.

  1. Ramona

    Such sad news, Nicola! And I am angry too! I hope that this doesn’t reduce your benefits from doing the work you did. What a shock that these well-known and very profitable organizations are not quickly making things right. I hope that the authors will soon have the legitimate copy out there soon, and will be very successful in their sales.

    • admin

      Thank you for your kindness. The benefit comes in knowledge and wisdom. Worth more than rubies and gold!

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