The Colour of My Heart

… is not represented by the colour of my skin.

Take a look at my picture. I’m actually more mixed race than I appear, however I present as privileged. I understand that people have and continue to suffer for the good I enjoy.

Booker T. Washington opened my eyes to the thought that African Americans do not wish to be amalgamated into European based society. They ask for the respect and space to be different and co inhabitants of the country. The key word being, “and”.

I think white people have an “or” bias. They don’t think in terms of “and”. It’s us or them. When they hear “Black Lives Matter” their bias makes them hear, “or” which means threat. “There’s no two ways about it.” “My way or the highway.”

Please feel free to disagree, but the statement “Black Lives Matter” is not exclusionary. The people who say it are putting a huge, “AND” into our cultural dialogue that normally gets too wound up in “or”. “There’s a whole bunch of ways about it.” “It’s our way AND the way of high, beneficial things for everybody.” “Your exclusivity is not my way.”

There is enrichment here. Learning who the other is helps me know who I am, and expands what is good. Good has not limits!

I am eager to embrace “and”. Nations and Races. Heart and Blood. Justice and Mercy. Me and you!

What other AND’s do you have in your life?

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