I love my writers’ group

We just met on my front lawn and not one of us thought to take a picture. We are all so word oriented that we would rather put sentences together than snap pixels.

Imagine straw hats, majestic pine trees, lawn chairs, a fat green caterpillar on my skirt hem. We sat a coffin length apart because one of our members is a retired Anglican priest. The sun popped in and out of amassing clouds and the wind whipped up the grass at our feet.

We ate our own food and drank our own tea and talked about our writer journeys. One of us got excited when a courier van drove by. She is expecting advance copies of her book to arrive. One of us brought a bottle of Prosecco to celebrate the possible publishing of a book.

I am grateful to this group. Community is so important. I hope you have people around you who share your passions, interests, and longings. I pray you give and take support freely and abundantly.

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