Tragic Optimism

Type this title into Google and get 3 480 000 results (or more since this is the hot psychological buzz word of our times). We are grateful to previous generations, and especially Viktor Frankl for bringing good out of suffering.

I don’t have anything new to add to this profound concept, but if this post brings this awareness to one other person in this strange new world, I will have done my part.

Without the unshakable belief that humanity is infinitely adaptable, is here for the good of self and others, and that we can make good happen right in our own neighbourhood, we will see a greater tragedy. A microscopic organism cannot do worse to us than we can to to ourselves and each other.

When we play video games and “die” we get a reset. Here and Now is a reset for the global community. We die to rise again. May only the Good rise today!

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