A New Fairy Book!

The Colour Fairies Series Book 19

We welcome the latest Colour Fairy Series Book from Maggie Jeffrey!

The fairies are warned of mysterious goings on in the bushes, but their fears are not taken seriously until two fairies disappear!

I love speaking with Maggie Jeffrey! Most times, her sun is setting as mine is rising. As you can see, this has supernatural effects! Magic is alive!

She reads the books to me to give me an idea of how she would like them to sound. After 10 books, I am now “part of the team” and what a lovely team it is!

Kate Smith provides the high quality, fun illustrations, I provide the narration, and Maggie provides the catalyst imagination that keeps us joyfully creating in our studios, all around the world!

The schedule is for us to produce one Fairy Book per month all year! So get your fairy wings ready!

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