Legacy Letters

Have you made your will? You know, allocating your physical possessions to specific people – heirs and beneficiaries. It’s a good idea.

A greater challenge is writing letters to your loved ones telling them everything you want them to know – about you, about what you value, about how you see the world. Is what you think as important as what you have? More so!

Your ideas can’t be taxed, so the government has no laws about passing on what makes you, you. Families are scattered and shrinking, and elder wisdom was disregarded (though perhaps in the new world we’ll listen to how things used to be done). Then suddenly the elder is gone and their accumulated knowledge and belief system is gone with them.

This doesn’t have to be. Write it down. Video yourself talking to your loved one. Call up StoryCorps and gift your Legacy Letter to the whole world! You matter. Everything about you can be used to bring greater good to your fellow inhabitants of our globe.

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