Field Trip!

Do you have a group of like minded fellows in your craft or hobby? There is nothing like “talking shop” and sharing projects with someone whose eyes light up with mutual joy. Being understood by another is a profound human requirement, and I am deeply blessed in this department.

I had the great good pleasure this week of attending the Longview Writer’s Group at the Longview Library.

My friend, Andrea Kidd, who was the third person to join the writers group I started about 10 years ago, invited me to share a short piece I had written. I listened to the 12 other writers’ pieces and was greatly inspired!

Thank you to all the wonderful people I met, for the warm hospitality and encouragement in my writer’s journey.

The library has invited me to hold a Fairy Party for the youngsters of Longview! I will dress up like a Fairy and we will make Fairy crafts and eat Fairy Cakes and I’ll read from Maggie Jeffrey’s Colour Fairy Series I cannot wait for the fun to begin!

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