Rewards Based Funding* Part 1

For the next ten days I’m going to feature the rewards you can get by joining my ATBBoostR campaign! We’ll start with The Magical Inscription, move through the Ringtone, eBook, Audiobook and Signed Paperback into the Digital and Print of Anna Pederson’s Painting for Leoshine, Princess Oracle. At last we’ll discover the Name a Character and Sponsor a Classroom Rewards! Be part of the team giving Leoshine, Princess Oracle to her fans! Go to ATBBoostR today!

The Magical Inscription

Everyone loves a Thank You! It is the grease in polite society’s wheels.

Choose this reward in Leoshine’s ATBBoostR campaign during the Build her Business program February 1st – March 8th, and you will get special mention on Leoshine’s website and on MicAndPen!

A Thank You that will last as long as Leoshine is being read. (Which, with your help will be a long, long time!)

A personal shout out to you and links to all your social media so that people will know what an amazing person you are, and be able to connect with you.

*What is ATB BoostR? ATB’s BoostR program is a rewards based crowdfunding platform, similar to Kickstarter and Indigogo, that allows aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch ideas and get feedback over the course of a recommended 30-45 day period. In exchange for financial support, crowdfunders (Boosters) get a reward like a product, service or unique experience. BoostR is a unique way to support local women entrepreneurs. When women are successful, our economy, community and society benefit

*Why did we start Build Her Business? ATB’s Build Her Business campaign is a unique rewards-based crowdfunding campaign designed specifically for women as a means to start and grow their business ideas. Crowdfunding is one of the only forms of financing where women outperform men, and ATB identified this and moved forward with creating a campaign to uplift and support female entrepreneurs in our province.

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