Katie Needs a Wheelchair


My friend Katie Gerke is raising money for a new wheelchair. raised 100+% of her ask and has ordered her new chair! Thank you everyone!!

Very soon I’ll be posting pictures of her walking out in the neighbourhood! Thank you to all her generous donors!

How do I know Katie? Through Inscribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship. She is a talented writer and painter. https://oralart.ca/

One of the first stories she told me was about her first days at the Fanning Centre on 16th Ave NE. She was very depressed. She hated lying in bed listening to her roommate talk on the phone all day. So she ordered flowers for her room mate, anonymously. She then enjoyed listening to her roommate talk on the phone all day, trying to figure out who had sent her the flowers!

 I owe a great debt to her. When I was in deep despond about finding an editor for Leoshine, Katie was in excruciating pain.(I cannot imagine lying in bed, unable to move, and in that kind of pain) She phoned me after her first hospital stay and asked me to distract her. I told her about my tiny trouble. She put out the word and led me to Siretona Creative! Leoshine is scheduled to be published through them this year! Thanks Katie!

Thank you for reading this far! You too have my deep admiration and gratitude.

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