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I counted my resources today and discovered that I am more than half way to getting my magnum opus edited!

I wrote Leoshine’s series, Princess Oracle, Princess Slave and Princess Commander, over a twenty year span and grew with each rewrite. I’ve learned the craft of writing through her adventures and I owe it to her to let others read her final version.

That final draft, that peak in the learning curve, that polished copy won’t exist until a professional editor has spilled red ink and I have spilled red blood on Leoshine’s pages. She is worth it. Her story is epic. Her message to the world is life changing.

When a Princess is not a slave …

“The Myxolidian Mercy Plea Protocol begins with the Rachnorgat’s (Mercy Slave) name. “I, Leoshine, daughter of Curtstas the Mayor of Myxolidia …” and ends with starvation, beatings, and death by exposure.

Unless the Rachnorgain (Mercy giver) is an Overlord from Aeolia come to rejuvenate Leoshine’s planet.

With a new definition of Mercy, he also brings a servant who was kidnapped from Myxolidia as a child, recreated as an Aeolian, and trained as the Overlord’s physician, chief of security, and body servant.

Leoshine expects the Rachnorgat’s torturous death, but can she survive the love of these two men?”

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  1. Ella Rose Carlos

    I love it!!

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