A Shout out to the Crew

I narrate audiobooks, and I am grateful for all the help I receive! My husband has been the mainstay for getting all the technical equipment and software working. Without his help, you would not be listening to me!

My cat, Hector, pictured here, keeps me on a tight schedule. He is the only animal who will come into the recording studio, often pushing the door open wide enough for his furry self to slip through. He tells me when anyone else in the house, the other cat, the dog, or my husband, wants something.

Sometimes he is cold and when I’m editing he can sit beside me on the office chair and his purring doesn’t disturb the audio file. When I record, he is a pest! I think he is learning when he’ll get chased.

The authors who hire me also keep me on my toes! I am grateful to each and every one. Their creative genius is inspiring all by itself.

There is an anonymous crew of sound engineers at ACX who comb through my recordings and work their magic on the audio, to warm it up and smooth it out like luscious chocolate for your ears.

Most of all, you, my listeners who buy the books I narrate, who lose yourself in the creative genius of the authors, who tell others about the worlds you have lived in through your earbuds, for you and to you I live in gratitude!

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