The Orphan’s Distress

The Orphan’s Distress

London, 1879. When Ella's family is forced to live on the streets of London's East End, tragedy strikes, forcing Ella and her sister, Mary, into an orphanage where they endure long hours of hard work. When Ella is apprenticed to a cobbler, she's forcibly separated from her sister.

The cobbler is a cruel man, using beatings to keep the workers in line. Ella's saving grace is Seth, who becomes her only friend. When Seth divulges a shocking secret, Ella realizes her life is doomed to this same miserable existence.

As the years pass, Ella desperately tries to find Mary, with no success. And when Seth disappears suddenly, Ella loses all hope. Can she escape the cruel cobbler before it's too late? Will she ever see Mary again? What happened to Seth?

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