The Battered Orphan

London, 1859. Indentured orphan meets society boy. He's in love, but she knows it's impossible.

After Elizabeth's family is taken by disease, she is taken in by Calvin and Mary, working long hours in their bakery. Life is good until Mary dies, leaving Elizabeth alone with Calvin where beatings become part of Elizabeth's daily life.As she suffers misery day after day, she dreams of running away but knows she will be brought back with even more severe punishments. As her despair deepens, she meets Simon, and her life looks a little brighter. But when Elizabeth tells Simon about the horrible life she is leading, Simon vanishes. A distraught Elizabeth knows she must run. A life on the streets is surely better than a battered life. As she finds work as a scullery maid, Simon unexpectedly comes back into Elizabeth's life, letting her know that he has never forgotten her. But tragedy soon strikes, turning Elizabeth's life upside down, sending her back to the cold streets of London.Can Elizabeth overcome the recent tragedies of her life? Will she ever see Simon again?

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