The Colour Fairies Book 16 The Colour Fairies Make New Friends

The Weather Fairies are making life miserable!

The Wind Fairies are all blowing at once!  The Rain Fairies are covering up the sun!  The Fire Fairy is on strike!  Can the Colour Fairies bring peace and the proper weather for the season to Fairyland?  Find out in The Colour Fairies Make New Friends!

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About the Book
Series: The Colour Fairies Series, Book 16
Genres: Children's, Fairies, Fantasy
Tags: Adventure, Elves, England, Fairies, Fantasy, Kindness, Legends, Magic, Pegasus, Pixies, Princes, Princesses, Rain, Storms, Weather, Wind, Wizzards
Publisher: Lesley Wells
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 1086190920
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