Leoshine, Princess Oracle Book One
$20.00Audiobook: $15.00
Series: Leoshine Series, Book 1
Genres: Christian Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Tags: Adventure, Christian, Colonization of Space, Coming of age, Environmental, Fantasy, Indoctrination, Kidnapping, Princes, Princesses
Publisher: Siretona Creative
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781988983189

Without Resham, there is no Avram. Without Avram, there is no Leoshine. Without Leoshine, the world ends.

How old is Leoshine?

She watched her sisters, servants, and cousins emerge from the Rite of Womanhood, some pregnant and blessed, some relegated to secondary status, all of them scarred and bitter.

"When will it happen to me?"

Cast into a culture she doesn't understand, dressed and paraded as an example of the "good" the invader believes he brings to her world, to save her people Leoshine must find their "good" amid their despicable.

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Due to the intricate creation of your world--this is always amazing for me from Lewis to Tolkein--I think all would appreciate hearing your pronunciations especially.
– Phyllis
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