Travis and the Tassanara

Travis Williams talks about the Tassanara font

What do you do when someone gives you an amazing gift?

Travis Williams created the Tassanara font just especially for my book Leoshine, Princess Oracle, due to be launched at the end of May. He also boosted my ATBBoostR campaign and rewarded himself with a Magical Inscription right here for you to see!

We used it in the Internet Treasure Hunt, which is still running! Follow this link to the sign-up page and follow the links!

I’m going to put secret messages in the Tassanara font on the cover of Leoshine, Princess Oracle (reveal coming soon!) and on the map that goes with the Leoshine Series. (another reveal! Coming Soon!)

In this interview Travis gives us a deep dive into font creation, and his wonderful sense of art and wit.

Thank you, Travis! And we look forward to the release of your book, Uly Quits His Job, due out this year! Find Travis at

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