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On Wednesday March 3rd 2021 I joined six of my Build Her Business champions in a showcase of our ATBBoostR campaigns for the facebook group,

Here is the link to our video chat:

Kinia Romanowska helps parents (mostly mums on mat-leave) leverage the time to balance their lives and gain momentum for their careers.

Here are my answers to the questions she posed to us:

Hi, I’m Nicola MacCameron. I am a piano teacher, audiobook narrator, and I wrote a Sci Fi /Fantasy adventure series about a girl called Leoshine. Two chunks of rock with generated atmospheres hurtling through space , two men and a princess.

I began writing this story twenty odd years ago. For the last five years I’ve been improving my writing craft. In August last year I signed up with Siretona Creative, a boutique hybrid publisher and my world has been blown open! I have hired an artist in Africa (though originally from Calgary), for original art for my book cover, I’ve created and run the ATBBoostR campaign, and I’m launching an internet treasure hunt, all with positive, practical support from Colleen and the authors at Siretona. 

This week we learned that our cat has asthma. He’s allergic to his humans. We are learning to use a Kitty Puffer, and the steel armour that comes with it!

Female entrepreneurs keep things running at the grass roots level. We on the prairie know that grass roots run metres deep into the soil, holding it together, nourishing the substructure, feeding and regulating the entire ecosystem. 

In times of change, the small, flexible, and innovative businesses are the ones that react quickly and wholesomely. 

My book series is about a girl responding to major cultural changes, like the ones Covid has thrust on us. When we read stories about people succeeding and thriving in difficult circumstances, we live the change with them and equip our minds and souls for what we face. 

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